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    nothing added.. its stock.. but for some reason while using instant messenger it resets...

    anyone else wit this prob?
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    ok to diagnose more.. I have a conversation in yahoo. I tried to close conversation. apparently it only does it when its updating process
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    Updated to 1.10 firmware sometime ago -- still get occasional resets attributed to messaging.

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    IM is a new app for 755. It could be buggy.
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    I get resets with the stock IM app also. On Friday, I received 2 resets using this app within hours of each other. I do have some third party apps but nothing too uncommon.
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    According to my completely anecdotal observations: anything that uses a persistent data connection (stock IM app included) is going to increase your chances of resets greatly. The only exceptions I've found are Chatter and Toccer, neither of which cause many resets, if any, with their latest versions on my 755p.
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    Wait till you start getting the network dropouts. that is what I hate about the newest Treos.

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