View Poll Results: Would you use a free (or *extremely* cheap) timestamp fixing utility for photos?

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  • No, I have not need for it.

    6 50.00%
  • No, I already have a fix. (Please share it with a reply to this thread!)

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  • Yes, but only if it was a really easy, point-and-click kind of thing.

    4 33.33%
  • Yes, even if I have to run a command-line utility.

    2 16.67%
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    Has anyone else noticed that the Treo photos (650, at least) don't have a timestamp in the .jpg EXIF metadata? I mean, it's in the filename, and the created and modified date of the file itself, but not in the EXIF data. This is annoying, as other software can't do things (reliably) like sort photos chronologically, geocode images, etc.

    You can do some things with the file's timestamp, but that's not always reliable after copying, editing, uploading, etc.

    Likewise for the filename...that's good for sorting (unless you want a better filename than "Photo_20071017.jpg"), but image software (such as Gallery2) won't know how to parse the filename for the date.

    So, anyone run into this before? Is there a fix? I'd love to correct it on the camera, but I think that's a bit too hopeful. I'm thinking of writing a script (to run on the PC) that parses the filename into a date (or maybe the file's last modified/created date) and rewrites the image with improved EXIF data.

    Does such a thing already exist? I've searched TreoCentral's fora with no luck. If not, would you have a use for such a utility?

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    I've written a little command-line program that copies the date the photo was taken into the appropriate EXIF data slot in the .JPG's, so that it will sort correctly in software such as galleries, GPS photo apps, etc. Drop me a note at DavidATDavidAndJanineDOTcom if you'd like a copy.

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    I've been struggling with the built in photoviewer on my 755P and one of the biggest problems is with the date created field. Both the palm desktop and the handheld only care about the date modified field and there does not seem to be anyway to make it use the date created field to sort. I manually tried to change the dates and after a hotsync all the photos I edited now show up with the current date which is the date they were modified. Very frustrating. If your program can help with this or if there are any other solutions that would be greatly appreciated.

    Syncing folder. Another thing that I would like to do is setup a folder on the desktop where I can put in photos from the desktop and have the Treo automatically copy and sync up with the photos in that folder during a hotsync.

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