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    Sprint decided my vision plan was out of date on my 700p so they said they need to take it off and re up it. well the internet never worked. I called like 5 times with no help. Finally I went to the store and the tech stayed on the phone with customer service for like an hour. they said the vision software i had was from like 2005, and they were having problems updating it. finally the guy was like... do you want her to call you when its fixed or do you want me to swap phones. i said swap phones.

    he comes back and says we have no phones to swap so i will order you a 755... I said make it red please.
    4 days later i have my new 755. and before I took the old one back the I check the internet and it worked..oops!
    Everyday joe +1
    The MAN +0

    P.S. someone from sprint said that they have to replace the phone if there is an issue with the headset or power...cuz those are connected to the main board. and cannot be fixed!
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    That is too funny.

    But, I'm going to call Sprint right now and report you. So pack up that 755p because its going back since your old phone is working. lol. Thats is Sprint for you.

    I hope you enjoy your 755P.

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