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    Ok, Anybody knows a I.M. for Palm that could handle both Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ and AOL. I think It would be a really interesting app, for those who have friends with diferent accounts. Especially if you have friends with MSN Messenger, since they dont have a Palm client.

    Hey just a thouhgt, since Handspring and MSN are partners, Do You Think will'be seeing a MSN for Palm ??
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    AOL has a Palm OS version of AIM ..
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    There was a story about this on /. a little while ago, but all in all, it isn't possible for one company (or person) to make a client that will support AIM and any otehr IM client. This is because there is a registering file in AIM which is used to log you in when you sign on, and copying this file is illegal. There were many thoughs about how to do this on the discussion board there, but they all seemed very unlikly.

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    Doesn't aimster let you log onto other IMs like ICQ and MSN?
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    I belive that you're thinking of Odigo.
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    There is an open source project called that allows you to use all of these services in one client. I currently use WinJab, but there are other clients for just about any OS .

    While the site does not list one client of particular interest, there is one for the PalmOS. I have not been very successful running this with my VPL and Thinmodem+, but I have not played around with it much either and I have heard of other people running it successfully.

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