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    I know this was discussed quite a bit when the 700P was released, but I can't seem to find the thread.

    Has anyone been able to fix/address the fact that the sd card loses it's connection, for no apparent reason. Not that it's been ejected, it just isn't recognized, and you have to eject and reinsert it.

    I thought the old thread used the "premature ejection" phrasing, but I couldn't find it.

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    I've been having this _exact_ same problem and it's driving me nuts! I thought it might be my SD Card, but I tried a different one and it sitll happens.

    I dread going into a Sprint store and explaining to them the problem in hopes of getting a replacement Treo, so if anyone has a fix and would like to share I'd be eternally grateful
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    I had this happen to me occasionally. I've read that some posts about CardKeeper which is a free app. An commercial alternative if I recall correctly is either Profilecare or Cradlecare. I haven't had a card disconnection problem since using CardKeeper. Hope this helps you.
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    Yes, after a soft reset, even with card inserted, the palm would not notice there is a card... I think there is a bug in the bootup procress..
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    It is not that the card is getting ejected. It is just not being recognized. I have to eject and re-insert to get it working again. It seems to happen a lot when the card is being accessed. For instance, when syncing information to the card.

    Card keeper just seems to notify you the card was ejected. The phone tells me it has lost the connection. It just shouldn't.
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    I have found that if you push the card in until it won't move at all everything is fine.
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    I had this happened with my 700p , now after screwing with TomTom and formatting the SD fat32, it's back again...
    Does anyone fall into this category?

    There are useful previous discussions, see threads;

    "disappearing SD Card "
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