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    Palm/Sprint Has ridiculously eliminated the call timer data from the phone call list db! There is no way to see how long your previous calls were.

    Why on earth would they remove that feature? It is such a simple and important tool!

    Can anyone confirm this? Is there an option setting that I am missing?

    Why does Palm keep frustrating me? They have a social responsibility to make these phones correctly since they are the only phone manufactures making plam OS phones.
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    u r correct. the default call log does not have duration. it was missing on my 700p, too.

    Here are 2 option i know of. I'm sure there are more. install one of shadowmite's overlays (do a search in the 700p forums). after i installed one of those on my 700p, i had call duration back. I cannot confirm whether or not it works on the centro. i dont' have plans to install it.

    install UltimatePhone - it's call log shows you duration.

    I'm sure there are other apps that do it too.

    The good news is, the info is recorded - it's just not displayed by default. you have to find a custom fix or an app that will show you.
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    I am currently using TEST5 from shadowmite without any issues. I have the call log with the extra info and the EV/1x symbol instead of the vision arrows.
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    As an FYI, I don't remember having that feature in the Treo 650, either.
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    My 650 does not show call duration either. Only name, number, date, time and roaming (yes/no).
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    The Palm OEM (Unlocked) Treo 650 does show call durations in the log details.

    It's not Palm's fault this feature is disabled on their phones sold through most carriers - the mobile carriers demanded this be disabled because, frankly, they don't want you to keep track of your minutes.

    Blame Sprint for this, not Palm.
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    Here, follow this post on this link for shadowmites fix. Works great and you will have your call timer back.
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    Shadowmite's patch worked on the Centro. I am using "test3.prc" and I installed it with Filez from the micro sd!

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    The 650 on Verizon shows the call durations.
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    CityID will do the trick. (if it works on the centro)
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    I just downloaded the file you need from the 755p forum. Thread there called Call duration somethin.
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    I'm new to Palm OS.. I downloaded this file and emailed it to myself, then downloaded on the Centro's memory with versamail. How can I access this file to install it?

    downloaded with a different email program and it works now nice feature to have
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    Where is it in the Ultimate Phone call logs? When I pull it up in UP, all I see is thenumber and how to call them back or emall, or add them...not the actuall "call log" data, not even when the call was made, much less the I missing seeing it?
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    Nevermind, I found it...I was using the "last 20" view of the log...but the all, incoming, etc views show the time.

    How odd that the "last 20" view wouldn't have the "call details" button like the others.
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    Check out..

    Call Log+

    You can also attach notes to calls and the call log syncs into Outlook journal so you can see all your calls and notes on your PC. I like it because I can do a search in Outlook for a certain customer and I'll see all the calls to/from them, plus any notes. To build on that I put a button in the Outlook toolbar that then takes me to the directory where CallRec syncs the recordings of my phone calls to so I can then actually listen to the call again.
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    TakePhone 7.5 also has the call duration in the call log on the Centro.

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    thanks worked right away on my centro
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    any word on if the unlocked gsm version has the call log working?

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