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    How is the Centro working with Bluetooth? I'm not 100% satisfied with my bluetooth connections with the 755P. It frequently drops my Dock-N-Talk and I don't even know why. My hands free bluetooth headset dropped in and out so much I finally gave up. I would love to install a dedicated hands free bluetooth car kit, but I'm not paying $300 for kit and professional install to find that the darn phone continually drops on and off the connection.

    What have the experiences been so far with connections?
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    So far the Centro blue tooth is working great. I paired a Moto H700 and a Samsung WEP 500 noise canceling headset and both are staying connected.

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    That's good to hear. I know some think the 755P has a good bluetooth connection, but I don't agree. I really do want to hear the Centro is more stable.
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    I also paired a Moto HT820 bluetooth stereo headset and it's working great with SAG 1.15 and 1.16 for listening to music with the PTunes deluxe 4.0.4 in the Centro ROM.

    No connection dropouts yet.

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