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    Hello all. Let me start by saying that I have read many, many threads on this forum. Thanks to all of you for the information. I have recently purchased the 755P (which is my first SmartPhone) and I am very pleased. I have only had it for about a week now and so far, so good. I do have a few questions though. I have not found a way to get my work email successfully. My employer uses Outlook in the Office and I can access it off site via Outlook Web Access. However, the kicker is that they do not allow wireless access to the server via ActiveSync. We utilize BES (Blackberry) only for business. Unfortunately, there is no Sprint Version of Blackberry Connect similar to the one that AT&T/Cingular customers can purchase to alleviate this problem. I tried BizCon through Sprint yesterday and was not a fan. I can access the OWA via Blazer, but because outlook is frame based, it's pretty frustrating to try to use in this manner. My company is fairly strict and would not install LeeDerbyshire to the server in order for me to access the email.

    Has anyone with similar experience found a suitable way to receive/view their email via the Treo?

    Also, am I missing something with all of the extra applications that I'm reading about? So far, I have no need for additional applications that I know about. However, many of the applications sound like they could be useful. I feel like I should have a MiniSD card but am not sure why I would need it or what applications would be worth looking into. I have searched high and low but there is no definitive "Must have Treo Applications" thread anywhere. I have found similar threads/posts/blogs but they always have someone else saying that the list previously posted is not accurate,etc. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Well if they are using exchange couldn't they just create a pop3/smtp or imap account for you? that seems pretty simple and as long as you put leave copy on server then nothing will be affected by it. Another option is to use forwarding (as long as you still have the option to leave original messages on server) to say a free service like and then you can still use exchange and such. You would pretty much just have your work email sent to them and they would push it to your phone and you would still have access to it the normal work ways. I do this exact thing (but now I run my own exchange server but I did use mail2web for quite a while).

    Hope that helps. If you need more info let me know.
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    "must have" is in the Treo of the user but:
    FileZ is a standard free app that let's you see what's on the phone and card. I use it to delete versamail attachments since it seems versamail still can't.

    I like Butler mostly for the one keypress gets the app I want.

    DB6 is my must have: icons and features galore. Stable as a rock.

    You do have a backup program, yes? That is a necessity. I have Rescoe backup and like the #ility to backup various prgrams to teir own file but others will chime in with their favs.

    mp3s? If you wand ringtones you need a program. Try Minitunes first as it is free.
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    Try the link below. It's a new thread listing apps that treo user really use.
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