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    I currently have a 650, and I picked up a Centro tonight. It's been a couple of years since I got a new Palm, so I'm not sure what I'll need to do.

    Should I be able to just sync it and let it reload all my apps?

    Or do I at least need to install the new software, but then let it reload all my apps?

    Or do I install the new software, and then manually reinstall all my apps?

    I guess my apps aren't a big deal, but I may have a few that I'd like it to remember are registered. So I guess my question is more about if I need to reinstall the syncing software.

    I'm syncing with Outlook by the way.

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    Did this yesterday and I let the install CD routine do it. It will "quarantine" any apps that may not be compatible. You will be presented two options: (1) sync your PIM data (calendar, contacts, memos, tasks) or (2) sync your PIM data and install your non-quarantined apps. I chose option #1 and decided to manually install my apps, but I see no reason why option #2 wouldn't work just as well. Remember that you will have to re-enter your registration or activation keys for purchased apps, so make sure you have those handy.

    One tip: If you activated your Centro at the Sprint store and have started using it before trying to hotsync, then you may have a generic device name already assigned to your Centro. (Something like "PalmUser88" or similar.) You'll need to clear the device name before trying your first hotsync with your existing device name. The shortcut.5 trick works on the Centro, so you can use this instead of doing a hard reset to clear the device name. Create a new memo, hit the ALT key to bring up a picklist of characters, select the shortcut character (bottom right on the picklist), then type a period . followed by a 5

    So far, I can verify that SplashID 3.22 works with no problems. Higher versions of SplashID should be fine. Filez (can't live without it) also works. I didn't bother installing KBLightsOff because the keyboard lighting on the Centro is not distractingly bright. Indeed, I find the keyboard backlight to be very nicely done. I don't know what effect it might have on battery life, though.

    Good luck and enjoy your Centro! I'm very impressed with mine.
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