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    i need some help from those using an 8gb card.i have 2 is a 4gb card from transcend,the other is an 8gb SDHC card from transcend.since the recent MR i decided to use the 8gb card as my everyday card because the slot driver for SDHC is now in ROM.I noticed today that when i tried to download a podcast in .MP3 format and save it to my card that i would get an error message that"save to card failed,please make sure the card is not locked and try again"(the card is not locked).So i inserted my 4gb card.My 4gb card has the exact files located in the exact places that the 8gb card has....they are mirror images.The downoads work just fine when using the 4gb card,no error message.So i reformatted my 8gb card(yes i used fat 32).So then i inserted my freshly formatted 8gb card and the downolads worked with no error message.I thought...ok,problem solved by reformatting.I then put back on all the files,folders that were on the 8gb card previously(the same exact ones that are installed on the 4gb card,in exactly the same location).These files are some media files(movies,music),and backupman and rescobackup and a couple of backup sets created by these 2 great backup programs.Once i recopied the files back to the 8gb card,the downoad to card would not work and i got the same error message.WTF???...its 2 cards,with exact same files and one works and the other(8GB CARD) will only work when it has no other files on it.....i have reformatted and redone this entire process numerous times with the same rsults....any ideas whats causing this?any other troubleshooting tips to try to narrow down the problem.i really want to use this 8gb card as my daily/all the time card.but if i cant download stuff via blazer direct to the card then the extra space isnt woth it.the 8gb card seems to work perfect in all other ways.and if its some type of corrupted file or something,then why does it work just fine on the 4gb card....
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    What program are you using to download the mp3 podcasts? What are you playing them with? Just curious...

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    i was actually downloading the treocentral podcast directly from the tc site.i play them with either ptunes or tcpmp.after irealized there was a problem i went to voice indigo and was downloading from their site.

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