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    Now first let me say that I love the Palm OS and wouldn't consider switching until I'm forced (or preferably until their Linux comes out).

    I was looking at the SERO page for Sprint, and I saw an advertisement for the Centro that made me laugh. Has anyone else seen it?

    The joy of multitasking indeed.
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    yeah.... i think they are missing a good marketing ploy like...

    "Finally, a smartphone that fits in your wallet too..."

    "introducing the most powerful cheapest smartphone..."

    "do what an iPhone can do and more... for less... "

    "you dont have to spend $400 to be smart anymore"

    "your key to the smartphone world"

    i could go on and on.... I hope they market this thing right... this is gonna be a big hit but i dont see any signs yet.
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    I think the word "multitasking" means different thing to civilian, i.e. a type of person who likes to multi-task, especially when they are driving...

    But I know what you are getting at.

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