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    I know Marc said there would be a vs. for centro but is it available? I'm getting Centro soon but I wouldn't want to go without it long.
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    Chatteremail 3.0.9 was released last Thursday with Centro and improved Yahoo IMAP support.
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    I see it now on duh Missed it earlier. Thanks
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    Any thoughts on which is more efficient with battery usage: Chatter or Versamail with Exchange integration? I'm returning to Palm after wandering in the wilderness for a year with the Moto Q (hated the OS but was hooked on the size). I used Chatter before with a Treo 650 and of course loved it. But I'm going to be a pretty heavy user with the Centro and need to maximize battery life. I'll do some testing, but wondered if anyone else could weigh in.
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    What has your testing found - comparing Chatteremail push to Versamail EAS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by doitright View Post
    What has your testing found - comparing Chatteremail push to Versamail EAS?
    You are joking right? Versamail isn't even in the same league as Chatter.
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    I'm not asking you to compare Versamail to Chatteremail capabilities and functions. I am asking for a comparison on how each program affects battery life on the Centro.

    I have used Chatteremail Push via IDLE IMAP . . . love the email program. Versamail does give me full email, contacts and calendar OTA sync capabilities.

    I am asking if markinbright has drawn any conclusions after his testing - or if anyone else has compared the battery usage between the two programs.

    I love Chatteremail . . . but it will not sync Calendar and Contacts.
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    After about two weeks of trying different setups, I became pretty convinced that Chatter uses a bit more battery life than Versamail with Exchange Active Sync. It's probably not a matter of efficiency -- it may have to do with some of the ways in which Chatter is better than Versamail, like synchronizing subfolders, rendering HTML, etc. I settled on using Chatter for email and letting Versamail synchronize my contacts and calendar every 3 hours. I could just get through a full day with one battery charge.

    And then I happened to run into someone from our IT dept in the hallway who was curious about my phone, etc. He ended up telling me that all of the various ways to integrate through OWA are against company security policy and that I had to use either the BES server or Goodlink. So now I use Goodlink, which is nice (not as nice as Chatter) but I have to put the phone on the charger at least once during the work day. The Centro battery really isn't bad for its size, but I'm going to have buy an extended battery when it's available.
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    I have Chatter running with no issues. I have the 3 mailboxes i sync with in 'offline' mode and have it set to sync every 10 minutes . Some people may want realtime online syncing but with the little battery in the centro, every 10 minutes is good enough for me. I've noticed some features missing compared to how it ran on my 650. Like beside the mailboxes there used to be a little blue envelope indicating new messages in that mailbox, those aren't there on the centro version. Also my 650 use to blink the LED, the centro just turns the LED on solid. Lastly my 650 use to only vibe if the ringer was off, on the centro configured the same way, it plays a tone and vibes and not even the custom # of vibes i program in, it just vibes twice. These are all little things though, the overall functionality works fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by markinbright View Post
    I settled on using Chatter for email and letting Versamail synchronize my contacts and calendar every 3 hours. I could just get through a full day with one battery charge.

    I have considered this . . . and getting through a full day sounds like this worked better for you than Goodlink. I may consider this route. Did you use Chatteremail via IMAP to access your email account? Were you able to see all your sub folders?
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    I use Worsamail (ActiveStync every 15 minutes) for my work email/calendar and Chatter (push IMAP+SSL) for my personal email. I make it through a day without charging only if I don't make or take any phone calls (or use Blazer or Google Maps or pTunes).

    Right now I have my phone charging at my desk to deal with this. I'll be buying an extended battery the instant one's available.

    (I do love the centro otherwise.)
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    Worsamail . . . lol. You have confirmed my fears. I too eagerly await an extended battery . . . hopefully one that fits the unit without any special covers.
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    Doitright, when I was using Chatter I used the Ex plug-ins that let you integrate directly with Exchange (not IMAP). You get full access to subfolders -- you can always file messages away in any of your online folders, and if you choose to you can have Chatter synchronize subfolders onto your Centro as well. But that's where you can really kill the battery. Every subfolder you synchronize means more transactions with the server. What I was doing was having the subfolders only synchronize once a day. In a pinch, you can always do a manual sync.

    This would definitely be my preferred configuration over Goodlink if I had a choice. Goodlink gives me directory services and let's me accept calendar invites, but Chatter has everything else covered.
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    Thanks markingbright . . . I probably will stick with my Versamail EAS setup. Even with Push email enabled . . . it really does not draw much from my Centro OEM battery.

    And EAS gives me full sync . . . with the exception of my subfolders, but I have gotten used to that. Plus I have found fewer of my calls actually go to voicemail. It seemed with Chatteremail . . . half my calls went straight to voicemail.

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