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    I've had on quite a few occasions where my 700p just goes dead out of nowhere where the only way to get it back is do a battery pull. at this point it turns back on and gives me the hard reset screen. which if I wasn't paying attention, would end up hard resetting it.
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    Not my Treo, but with my old Visors, twice I zapped them with static, while they were in the cradle, and they seemed very dead. I then popped them open, disconnected the battery, and after a few days they would boot again. Maybe the same thing is happening here? Any static discharge?
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    I have definitely had that happen to my phone. I'm afraid I have no idea what caused it though. It's happened twice now. Once just how you described. The other time though - the first time - it actually performed a complete hard reset on its own! (as in I went to use it and it was on the Welcome to the Treo screen you get just after a hard reset) Thank goodness I use NVBackup nightly or I would have been screwed since I was on vacation at the time!
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    I have had to pull my battery a few times when my 700P would freeze up or not wake up. No clue the cause.
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