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    I realize the Centro has a new kind of keyboard, but I'm seriously considering switching from my 650. I like the Clear, hard plastic cases, my only concern is whether the letters on the keys will rub off if they are in my pocket all day since they remain exposed on these cases? Did this happen with the Treos? I have a rubber skin case currently so I like that it covers the keyboard yet still leaves it usable, but there are things I don't like about it as well.

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    Letters on my Treo 700p are fine after 16 mos. - no case, just in my pocket.
    But I seem to remember (not sure) letters on my Treo 600 beginning to wear. But I used a case then & kept it way to long. (I skipped the 650)
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    Not something I've run into and not a problem I've ever heard of happening. I used a Treo 600 for over 2 years without covering the keys, and I'm currently using a 700p for over a year without covering the keys. No signs of wearing at all.
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    never was a problem with my much-used for >1yr 700p. on centro it appears that letters r printed under clear rubber keys so I don't think they could rub off.
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    I found my old 600 and I was wrong-they keys are in great shape (letters in tact)
    However the chrome piece that surrounds the screen was wearing away.

    BTW: The chrome is beginning to wear on my 700p at the edges.
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    The letters on the Centro keyboard are not printed on top of the keys, so they won't wear off. The clear "gel" like key coating allows the letters to show through. The "gel" keys seem very sturdy, but I imagine that they could become damaged/pitted/torn with careless use or slowly grow less tacky/sticky with age. Because the keyboard is a single "sheet" of keys, perhaps it would be a user replaceable part for those brave enough to open up their Centro.
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    Well it sounds like this keyboard is prettly solid which is good news.
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