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    Was trying to sync my wife's 755p, but the hotsync just hangs on Syncing Media. Actually the computer screen says syncing media but the 755 screen says "syncing email" even though I have the email set to do nothing. When I set Media to do nothing in hotsync manager, everything syncs just fine. But as soon as I set Media to sync, the hotsync will hang.

    What I'm trying to do is get her pics from her phone to the PC. The 755 will not let me copy them to the sd card. I'm using a 2gb kingston miniSD.

    Any thoughts? It almost seems like something is disabled so you have to use PictureMail.


    Edit: The phone will not allow me to create a new folder on the miniSD. Any thoughts there?
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    Try using the program Filez its free you should be able to take anything you want off the treo.

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