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    Heres my problem, hoping someone has come up with a good solution. I just got my 755p, and love it. This is the first time I've played with VersaMail syncing with an Exchange server and was excited to see how well it works syncing Inbox, Calender, and Contacts with my work Exchange server. The problem is I have an Exchange server at home as well. I was quite content with the idea that I would just do manual cradle based hotsync sessions with my home computer (Outlook and through that the Exchange server). However I see that if I'm running VersaMail Active Sync it will not let me sync calender and contacts to a local machine.

    I'd hate to have to go back to the old method of just doing a cable hotsync with both my personal and work computer (thus syncing with both Exchange servers). Is there another idea? What would be cool is if there was software out there I could load on my personal PC that would sync the Outlook calender with my work Exchange server. That way I could set up the wireless sync from my Treo to be with my personal Exchange server and the calender at work would always be updated because software on my PC syncs with the work Exchange. Any one know of an option here?
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    You can't sync 2 exchange servers. Setup one server in versa mail as an IMAP account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Chunk View Post
    You can't sync 2 exchange servers. Setup one server in versa mail as an IMAP account.
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    I've done it in the past, not wirelessly though, and I guess that is what your saying I can't do. I've always used Chatter email and with that I didn't have any problem syncing email accounts from two Exchange servers (seperate inboxes of course). But in order for me to keep my work Exchange calender up to date (as I always edited my calender from my personal PC and PDA) I would just occasionaly sync it via HotSync cable. I guess I'm going to have to keep doing the same thing sadly as If I use the sync capability for calender and contact in VersaMail I lose the ability to also sync it via a cable HotSync.
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    I think I decided how to make this work, it's a work around but it does what I need it to do. The goal is to keep my work Exchange server calender updated with appointments but never have to manually sync my pda with it. I always update my calender via my PDA or personal computer. My personal computer uses Outlook that sync's with a personal Exchange server (and since you can only wirelessly sync with one Exchange server...).

    What I decided to do was use Google Calender as an inbetween. I set up gSyncit to do a one way sync from my Outlook at home into Google Calenders. I then also do a one way sync on my work laptops that sucks the Google Calender items into Outlook, and then up to the work Exchange Server. A lot of stops I know but it gets the job done. The other nice thing is that I can set which catagories sync in the gSyncit software. I use to always set personal or church related items in my calender to the appropriate category and then mark them as private so people at work cant view the details of those entries. In using this approach I can stop marking things as private and just set the gSyncit software so it doesn't send my 'personal' or 'church' categories over to the Google Calender.

    I'm in the process of getting everything set up but this should work just fine. Only problem is I have to buy the software. Any one know of a Outlook/Google Calender sync software that allows filtering based on category and has a relatively easy setup and is FREE?

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