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    Anyone uses bluetooth keyboard with 755p?
    I'm interested in stowaway ultra-slim keyboard, but 755p is not on a compabile device list...anyone had experiences with it or other bt keyboard?

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    I believe this is the keyboard that I am using to reply to you now. It now has a different name, but the picture is the same and when I redownloaded something for installation, it worked. I really like it, especially all the hotkeys, that I am slowly learning.

    Sorry if this e-mail comes out strangely, but I am testing out fontsmoother and the keyboard on the web.
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    When I pair up my Treo with the Palm Bluetooth keyboard it works OK but...after a couple of minutes of inactivity...they no longer talk...I have to turn the keyboard off in the Treo and pair it up again...Have you noticed this at all?

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