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    I recently purchased the THB full car kit (bought it used). I installed it over the weekend. along with the software on the phone. When I first put the phone in it would indicate that it was charging but the speaker would not come on when making a call. However after I checked all my connections, unplugged the speaker a couple of times, put the phone in and out of the cradle a couple of times, started the truck a couple of times, it started working. I made a few test calls and also received a few test calls and everything was working fine. So I put the dash back together. However this morning when I put my phone in the cradle and tried to make a call the speaker would not work again and now no matter what I do I can not get it to come on. I checked the mic and it is not working either. The phone does show that it is charging. The antenna appears to be working also, b/c if I unscrew the antenna I drop a couple of bars. Also I am able to get to the connection harness and the speaker is connected, tried unplugging it a couple of times this morning and no luck. The only thing different this morning is that my radio, Empeg, is in where it was not when the Car Kit was working the other day. Empeg is a radio/mp3 player that pulls in/out.

    Any ideas???

    Also I had a couple of questions:
    1) Say my truck is off and I put the phone in the cradle, is it suppose to charge the phone or does the ignition have to be on? ie does my truck have to be on to use the car kit ( I DO NOT have the box checked for Allow car kit to turn wireless mode on/off)? I will double check the ignition and battery connection for the car kit again.

    2) Is the car kit software for Cingular still the same with the AT&T merger?

    3) Also does anyone know for the car kit radio mute line is it high and when a call is received it goes low or is it low and when a call is received it goes high? Reason I ask is that my Empeg can be configured either way. I meant to check this before I put the dash back but forgot.

    4) Is there any reason why the Treo would need to be put in the car kit before my truck is turned on or vice versa?

    I have Cingular with Treo650-1.17-CNG software but with the merger to AT&T my phone now shows AT&T.
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    Ok checked all the connections and they are all fine. Power shows 12V, ground ok, and accessory shows 12V (actually just over 14V) when I turn the key. I played with it some and it seems like I have to put the phone in the cradle several times before it registers that I have put it in to a car kit and the mic and speaker work. I can put the phone in the cradle, it work, and then unlock the cradle but not remove the phone, push back down on the cradle to lock it in, and it will not work. Almost seems like a connection issue. Would the connection issue be with the phone, cradle, or both? Or is there even a way to determine that. I can sync the Treo without any problems but I am not sure if sync'ing uses the same pins on the Treo as on the car kit, I would assume it does not.

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