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    Yeah, and my Centro says "68.8 MB available", so even better.
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    Not really the Treo 700 /755p both have 128 mbs of ram but only 62 mb available to the user. The Centro has 64mb available to the user. Only a 2 mb upgrade, not a deal breaker in my opinion. I currently have 3 palm devices. 1 700p, 1 755p, and as of yesterday a Palm Centro. So far the Centro has not disappointed. The only negative part i see so far on the centro is the memory card location, as you have to remove the back cover before being able to access the card slot. The 755p is far superior to the 700p in shape size and smoothness of the OS, even with the Firmware update. So far I still love my 755p and will continue to use that as my primary phone, battery life on it is better than the Centro, so until Seidio comes out with an extended battery, i stick with the 755p
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    it was that whole 128 but 60 available thing throwing me off.
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    Your right my Centro has 69MB Usable. EVen better an extra 9MB. I will take it.
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