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    I just got a 755 as a warranty exchange for my 700p. I noticed that the software version is 1.04 as opposed to 1.10 which was on the 700p. Looking at the Palm web site, I don't see that the update says it is for the 755p, but since these are essentially the same phone, it seems like it would work.

    Is the 1.10 software update compatible with the 755p, or has anyone tried it?
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    I would have to assume NO. I think the 755p has all the extras that the update gave my 700p.

    Anyone else?
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    No, plus even if you tried...the software wouldn't let you.
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    no the 755p already has that update built into its rom. So the 1.10 MR equals the same as the 755p built in rom no need for an update.
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