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    Here is why ...

    1) Very Small and compact.
    2) Keyboard is very good, yet being compact.
    3) Is faster and more stable than any other treo.
    4) Still one of the only phones with threaded sms done right.
    5) Sprint web is super fast.
    6) Versamail is actually good and usable now.
    7) Speaker phone is amazingly loud and clear. Best on treo so far
    8) Camera is better than 700p.
    9) Docs to go is great.
    10) One of he only cell phones that stream almost any video web content.(you can also save to disk) cool.
    11) 5 way rocker is batter than past treos
    11a) Cheap at 99.99 this thing is affordable
    12) did i mention this thing is so small amd light...!!! The best feature hands down. Smallest usable PDA ever made...

    I actualy Like it better than my iphone...

    Just wish they refreshen the graphics on these os systems.....
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    I just showed mine to a coworker and explained that it does everything my 650 did but better and smaller. He liked it and wants to get one (or two) when they are offered by his provider. He said the screen looked phenominal.
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    While I agree w your main title, please don't bring up the iPhone comparison. It will only ignite the ugliest debate in the forum. Just stay in the Centro topic.

    BTW, I have an iPhone, just for the seamless smart playlist update and audio/video podcast sync, it worths every penny of the $350 I paid for it.
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    Everything you say about the Centro may be true, but whether it is actually a better phone/PDA has nothing to do with whether or not it will sell. Apple's marketing machine may be too much to overcome.

    Let's face reality for a moment. Only a relatively few people even know that the Treo exists (much less the Centro). I still get people calling my Treo a Blackberry. The recognition just isn't there. But despite its short life thus far, everyone recognizes an iPhone on sight.

    Centro outsell iPhone? Not unless Palm comes up with a marketing campaign laced with sublimenal messages and plays it non-stop during primetime on the major TV networks for the next two years.

    Not to downplay the Centro's capabilities, but if people don't know what the phone can do, they won't seek it out. Apple has most people brainwashed into thinking that the iPhone is the first cell phone that can browse a web page, show a movie, or retrieve e-mail. We know this isn't true, but only because we already have phones that can do these things and we're plugged into the mobile tech world staying abreast. For the great masses that do not, people are going to go for what they see on TV. Who is on TV showing off features? Apple, NOT Palm.
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    He speaks the truth.

    Iphone has got some awesome branding behind it. Most people have never heard of a Treo, much less the Centro. When you say Palm to them, they might think PDA, but that's about it.
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    Sunday morning at the Sprint store, I found that everyone waiting was doing so for the Centro. I was no where near a fraction of those that waited at the Cingular stores when the iPhone was released (of course neither Palm or Sprint did any advertising on the Centro or it's release date). I agree that the Centro has the potential to out sell the iPhone, but also agree that Marketing has to be in place. I recently did an editorial call "Advertise Palm or Die!" at

    Palm has to do some advertising pushing the "Palm" and the mobile carrier have to push the particular Palm devices.

    I got the Centro for my wife and she loves it. She would have never carried a Treo, even after hijacking both my 650 and 755p to enjoy the Palm games.

    She loves the size. She loves being able to do everything my 755p can do without being as big.

    Another selling point for it is the Sprint Mobile mail. My wife had tried to setup VersaMail (email) with her free Yahoo account and was sadden to find that it did not work. I downloaded the Sprint Mobile mail and had it working with the free Yahoo account in seconds. She is delighted to have her personal email, IM, threaded SMS and eveything in one device. She now can do many things she had to rely on the PC for.

    The only thing she asked for was the ability to set alarms without using her calendar app. I hooked her up with a freeware app that provides this. I will wrap up my "Essential Centro Freeware" list tonight.

    The Centro had ushered her into the Smartphone world successfully.
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    Another thing i find funny is people calling it an "entry level smartphone" as if there's something more advanced out

    There may be, but it wouldn't be that significant. And it doesn't come from Apple..
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    I think its cruel to reason away PalmOS fans' enthusiasm. Its like stepping on a kitten.

    Please think of the kittens...

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    You may be right that it sells great. Money talks, after all. But the dinky keyboard and tiny screen make it a non-starter for me. I use my keyboard a lot, and I think the teeny, tiny, closely spaced keys on the Centro would cut my typing speed in half.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    You may be right that it sells great. Money talks, after all. But the dinky keyboard and tiny screen make it a non-starter for me. I use my keyboard a lot, and I think the teeny, tiny, closely spaced keys on the Centro would cut my typing speed in half.
    The keyboard is good. I never liked the keyboards on any Treo, so I never upgraded from my Samsung i330 and have been using Graffiti for years. I also touch type on a Dvorak layout, so I'm not a fan of QWERTY.

    While the keys are small, they are easy to press and hit, without hitting the key next to it, and best of all, you can easily type one handed. Something I found difficult with the Treo.

    The slim size of the Centro allows one thumb to hit all the keys, while holding the Centro steady.

    Also, as to the screen size. I never purchased a Treo because the screen was much small than my old phone. Quite simply, the screen is great. It's sharp and clear, and it's easier to read text than on my screen that was twice the size, but lower resolution. BTW, I'm in my mid 40s, so I have eye issues, and this was a huge improvement for me.

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