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    I've had a treo 650 for 18 months or so. Dropped a few times but always ok. Tonight it fell onto a tile floor and the screen froze in vertical colored lines. I've tried taking out the battery, the reset button, and doing both separately while pressing up. Nothing works for very long.

    Either the phone won't come on at all, the screen fades out as it comes on, or as soon as it loads it freezes. Either way it either ends up with vertical lines, a solid white screen, or a frozen screen that is legible but won't do anything.

    Anything I can do other than bring it in?

    Many thanks,

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    and when it freezes the keyboard stays lit....
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    sounds pretty obviously like a hardware problem. changing the display might solve the problem.
    i'd suggest disassembling and then reassembling the gadget for a start.
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    I got a refurb once that did this out of the box. You're gonna have to get a replacement

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