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    So to those who have a 755P working with one of the TomTom GO units and TomTom Plus services, do the Plus services work simultaneously with the bluetooth handsfree feature (taking calls through the TomTom unit)?
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    Has anyone figured out how to pair the Treo 755p with a stand-alone tomtom unit to use all of the PLUS services ??

    If so , please instruct us all...

    I have 755p, tomtom 720, Sprint

    HELP !!!!!
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    I have yet to pair my Sprint 755P with the TT720, or TT920. While I got close to a pair (one device thought it was paired, the other did not)the pain of it all was not nearly worth it. I opted for another GPS without BT and am purchasing a indash CD player (Sony) that I paired with and the call quality is pretty decent, especially since I'm not going through an FM modulator. I'll list what I've paired with and successfully initiated phone calls just as an FYI.

    Garmin Nuvi 660, 670, 760, 780, 260W (I think that's the model)
    Harmon Kardon 810
    Magellan Maestros (just about all of them)

    I could not get an address book import on the any of the Garmin products, the HK would display my call log, but not my address book and the magellan I really didn't test the address book feature as I didn't want the device anyway.

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    Getting this set up has been my weekend mission, so I've been reading your posts as well as others on various forums. This was not the easiest task to accomplish, but it is possible to configure.

    I intiated pairing between the two devices through the TomTom as discussed in previous posts. Treo settings: bluetooth on, visible. I then had the TomTom then do a Find Phone. The configuration screen gradually advanced past 10% to 25% etc. The TomTom will recognize your Treo exactly as the username it is called. Ultimately, your TomTom720 will become a trusted device on the Treo. If you go into bluetooth prefs on the Treo to trusted devices, TomTom will be listed exactly as TomTom Go 720.

    But this alone didn't see to get handsfree calling working. At this point, on the TomTom, going into Mobile phone, the Treo is listed in yellow in the lower left corner but the bluetooth was not fully established between them. So I then went to Manage phones and deleted the Treo. I then went Find other phone and it very quickly rerecognized my Treo. The TomTom even asked if I wanted to import numbers from my phone; of course I said yes. Upshot was the full Treo address book was not imported properly but rather only a handfull of about 24 numbers total.

    In any case, clicking on Mobile phone on the TomTom now, bluetooth was fully activated and next to my yellow Treo user name, there is now a little blue phone to its left. While the connection is active, your Treo will show its little blue headphone indicating an active connection, the same as when using a bluetooth headset on the Treo during an active call.

    Now for the action. You can place a call directly through the TomTom. All fields are properly lit up under the Mobile phone screen. You can dial via the number key pad, redial, call recent callers to your Treo, call recently dialed numbers on your Treo, dial from a phonebook entry, etc. Once the call is initiated, a little green bridge on your 720 main screen indicates the active call. Your Treo comes to life and the call is on. Your Treo screen indicates a headset is active.To end the call, you simply press the green bridge on the 720 to either end the call, transfer audio to the phone, call up a tone TDMF keyboard (such as when prompted to "press 1" during a call). Ending a call severs the active call on the 755 but the bluetooth headset remains alive in the upper right on the Treo.

    I need to test this out in real world driving to see how well the 720 mic works as well as the audio quality of its speaker. I imagine audio can easily be transferred to the car radio using the FM transmitter, but I know this isn't great and I've had to crank my stereo volume in the past to hear decent audio levels. This setup would be ideal if audio could be hardwired to the car stereo, and I'm sure it could...see below.

    For me, I love my TomTom device. In considering a new car (Honda Accord coupe) with built in Nav, satelite radio, and bluetooth, it's a no-brainer to save the 2 grand and stick with my TomTom unit. According to a Honda technician, satellite radio can still be installed through a kit by Honda in a trim level without the nav package. That leaves nav and bluetooth... The nav speaks for itself and I outright prefer the 3D and ease of use of the portable to the built in 2D by the factory. So if bluetooth handsfree on the 720 does work, we do have it all. The next step would be to hardwire the 720 into the car so it gets permanent power as well as audio through the audio kit into the car stereo.

    If anyone has additional info about hardwiring audio into car stereos, I'd appreciate the info. I see there is an audio cable (part of the iPod accessory package) available on Lastly, I recommend nice device mounts for the 720 as can be found at for most car makes and devices to bring your TomTom close to steering wheel position, centered on dash, without EVER having to use the provided windshield suction mount. I've been using these mounts for years in my car and they make a TomTom nav incredibly practical and more built in looking. Additionally, these car mounts put your nav right at eye level instead of higher up on the windshield which I feel is much safer. Save the windshield mount for portable traveling in other cars and rentals only.

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    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your information. I was at Bestbuy today and couldn't get my Treo 755p (Verizon) to bluetooth pair with any of the Tomtom's or Garmins.

    Were you able to use your Treo 755p to do bluetooth dial-up networking with your Tomtom GO 720? I'm looking for a way to access the traffic data service that they offer through Tomtom PLUS. If you did get that working, would you please post the details of how you did that?


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    Everything I have read and tried says that TomTom Plus service will not work with the Go 720 and the Treo 755. Digital services are just not supported. As for the traffic service on the 720, I don't have the antenna and have never tried it. I really don't know much about the acquisition of networked traffic info.

    If you learn more and/or find out your own answer, please post to this forum so we can all benefit.

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    I’ve gotten my TomTom GO 720 to bluetooth pair with my Verizon Treo 755p for voice and data services. I couldn’t have done it without “DAvidJVC” and his valuable notes posted on ( – thanks David! I’m updating his write-up with my own experiences below:

    Make sure your phone has bluetooth and you have paid Verizon $15/month to enable the bluetooth dial-up networking (DUN) function in the Treo 755p. I also have a data plan with Verizon, but I don’t think that’s necessary for DUN to work.

    1. Turn on the bluetooth settings on your phone, and make the phone discoverable (under “visibility” select “visible” or “temporary”).

    2. On the TomTom, go to the menu and select "TomTom Traffic." It will ask you to set up a wireless data connection. Select yes.

    3. Before setting up the wireless data connection, follow the prompts to set up the bluetooth link between your phone and your TomTom. There are two ways I’ve done this:

    a. Lasting through the entire process, keep an eye on your phone. It will prompt you for the password “0000” multiple times. If you fail to enter it within a minute or so, the set-up attempt will fail and you'll have to start over. Repeat this process until they pair.

    b. One possible way to avoid the multiple password entries, though, is to run the Treo’s bluetooth “hands-free setup” at the same time that the TomTom starts the pairing process with the Treo. I did this, and they both paired on the first try. If they don’t, then repeat the process until they pair. They CAN eventually pair. The TomTom GO 720 must become a “trusted device” within the Treo or it will never work right.

    4. After bluetooth pairing is complete, the TomTom will attempt to set up the wireless data connection. Choose to set it up manually, and ensure that your Treo’s bluetooth is “visible” or “temporary” throughout this section. Here’s the information you will need:

    Access point name: vzw3g
    Username: (mobile# is your cell phone # without hyphens)
    Password: vzw
    DHCP: "auto"
    DNS: "auto"
    Dialup #: “#777” (replace the *99 that TomTom enters there).
    Log on script: leave it blank

    If this doesn't work, turn off both devices, then try again. It took me a couple times to establish the link until I made sure that the Treo’s bluetooth was “visible/temporary” during the process.

    Once you have set it up, try to do at least a weather update to make sure you are connected. Once you are connected you can try to upload traffic data. If it fails, call customer support at TomTom, 866-486-6866. They can re-set your user name and password so you will be able to log on. This is where I had to go because I was getting a “your subscription has expired” message. When I called them they re-set the account. They also asked me if I got error code 1506, which I had been getting. They said this was due to an error in the TomTom TRAFFIC function of the GO 720 in the United States, and they’ll be uploading a patch via TomTom HOME “sometime soon.” It should fully work then. Having TRAFFIC was so close … and yet so far! I also asked them for a free trial of TomTom TRAFFIC, and they did so for 90 days.

    I’ve noticed that if my Treo’s screen is blank (after 30 seconds of inactivity), then my TomTom won’t connect the DUN. I have to turn on my Treo’s screen and press the center button to unlock the keyboard. It works, at least for getting weather.

    Good luck!
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    Low and behold ... my TomTom TRAFFIC suddenly works today. When I launched it, a message said my special promotion was in place. It immediately told me to get off the interstate because their was traffic ahead, so I did. It was right! I sent major good thoughts to TomTom as I sped past on the side road.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi View Post
    So to those who have a 755P working with one of the TomTom GO units and TomTom Plus services, do the Plus services work simultaneously with the bluetooth handsfree feature (taking calls through the TomTom unit)?
    I have paired by Sprint 755p and TOMTOM Go 720 and am successfully using handsfree calling and and plus services. My 720 connects to my phone, I check weather then start Traffic. After it has updated the traffic info I make calls using the 720 as a speakerphone. It works great. It took me over a week to actually get it to connect to data services. I just tried one more time after doing a soft reset of my phone. If the 720 gives me an error message that it cannot contact the server or use the data services on my phone I just do a soft reset of the phone and everything works!
    Sam Martin - Paris,TX
    Palm Pre(v. - Sprint - Standard Battery - Touchstone -Motorola HT 820 - Motorokr S9-HD - Jabra BT8040 - Jabra BT530 - Jawbone Icon - Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth Speakerphone
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    I don't know why it took me months to investigate this further, but better late than never.

    TomTom Plus services on the TomTom Go 720 DO work via bluetooth connected to the Sprint Treo 755p.

    ***One important first point to make is the Treo 755p is factory-equipped to function as Phone as Modem (PAM). There is no necessary hack software needed to install on the Treo, as has been posted in several other forums and was needed for the Treo 680 and 700. The PAM simply turns on and off as needed, as directed by your TomTom once properly configured. Unlimited PAM data usage is included with your Vision service plan.***

    I suggest following posts as above to get your two devices paired to the point where your Go 720 is listed as a recognized device in your Treo bluetooth settings.

    In order to configure TomTom plus service (including traffic, weather, etc), you just need to be able to enter the correct information into the TomTom during the configuration process. Hit traffic or any of the other plus service icons, and the setup should launch.

    Personalized information you will need:
    1) Your Master Subsidy Lock (MSL) number: a 6 digit code provided by Sprint as part of your phone activation process
    2) Your Vision screen name
    3) Your Vision password

    You can retrieve your screen name by doing the following on your Treo:
    1) Dial ##3282#
    2) The hidden data provisioning screen should show up
    3) Your screen name is shown as (do note that the info before the @ sign is only what is needed for the TomTom)
    4) The password is "assigned" and in order to retrieve it, you must click modify
    5) Upon clicking modify, you will be asked for the MSL number. The only way I got this was to actually call Sprint service and pretend I was having trouble with Vision. I told them every time I launched Vision, I was asked for my vision password. The service rep won't know your password, but in order to investigate will have you perform 1) above entering ##3282 etc. At this point, when they have you click modify, they'll give you the MSL. Once entered, one click of the password field will show your password. Write it down. I then told them it looked like everything was fine and I then exited and launched Vision to confirm in order to get off the phone with them.

    Ok, time to enter info into your TomTom Plus service configuration screens. Information you will need:
    1) Phone model selection: Other
    2) Carrier selection: Other
    3) Access point name: Sprint PCS Vision
    4) User Name: your Sprint PCS Vision user name without the ""
    5) Password: Your Sprint PCS Vision password
    6) DHCP: "auto"
    7) DNS: "auto"
    8) Dialup #: #777 (replace the *99 that TomTom enters there)
    9) Log on script: leave it blank

    A short process ensues during which the 2 devices are communicating. At the end, the TomTom automatically registers a 30 day trial membership for Traffic service.

    Getting the traffic service to actually work took a little more time. Even though I know the trial subscription was active, when I'd hit the traffic icon, it would direct me to to pay for a subscription. Eventually, the traffic icon when hit would then light up as "enable traffic." When I hit that, everthing launched properly, and the TomTom then began searching for the traffic radio frequency as it should. Traffic has been enabled on my device ever since. The only tinkering needed is the occasional tap to update traffic. BTW, when you tap weather, a free service, you select the location of the weather you'd like, and presto, there it is.

    I'm one day of usage in, so that's about all I have to report thus far. These features were the reason I purchased the 720, so I'm pleased everything actually works. I haven't yet actually used traffic to alter my routing and be in a real-time traffic situation, but it looks like it will work like a gem.

    Good luck to all. Please post if you have further info to add.
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    Update 11/08/08: My PAM usage suddenly stopped working after a couple of months of successfully connecting as described above. When the TomTom would try to connect with their server for traffic info through the Palm, it simply wouldn't connect. The unlimited PAM as part of Vision IS NOT true, at least not any longer. For unlimited PAM service, Sprint has now given me a "Phone As Modem" plan for an additional $15/month. AND Sprint said my older Power Vision plan is not compatible with the "Phone As Modem" plan. They offer 3 Vision plans that are, the cheapest of which is the "Pro Pack" for $30/month. Do keep in mind that this charge is in addition to the necessary purchase of Traffic services from TomTom for $60/year after the free 30-day trial period ends.

    Update 11/09/08: After making these changes to my Sprint plan yesterday (which ended up netting $20 more per month and did not fix my PAM connection problem), I started making tech support phone calls. Hey, after all, I'm now a paying Phone as Modem customer! Sprint tech support will go as far as ensuring your Vision connectivity works, but they'll likely tell you they won't support the TomTom PAM settings. If you call TomTom tech support, they'll definitely tell you they don't support both the Treo 755 and the SPRINT network! Several times I have made them aware that both the device and Sprint service do work with TomTom Wireless Data Connectivity perfectly once properly configured.

    Today I was in the shower and had a revelation. I decided to simply try resetting my TomTom. Guess what? With all the original configurations as previously discussed, PAM is working again. I doubt the specific PAM plan with Pro Pack is necessary at all (even though the Sprint tech said he never heard of PAM working without the plan). If I decide I won't be using PAM between my laptop and Treo, I'll definitely be going back to my cheaper Vision plan.

    If anyone can confirm their own wireless data connections with PAM using a simple Vision plan rather than the Sprint PAM add-on plan, please confirm and post. Thanks.

    Update 5/09/09: I've been back on my standard Sprint unlimited Vision plan for many months now; NO PAM plan or Pro Pack is necessary at all. Phone as Modem between my Treo 755p and TomTom Go 720 work perfectly for all wireless data services including Traffic.

    I DID have trouble for some time getting my 2 devices re-paired and just today installed the latest updates: on Treo: Treo755p-1.08_SPNT; on 720: 8.350. DO note that in order to initially pair the 2 devices before setting up wireless services, first add the TomTom 720 to your 755p and make it a trusted device, then "add phone" to your TomTom 720 and go through the configuration process. The very final step will be to add the phone book etc from your Treo.
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    I have a TomTom Go 730 and a Palm Treo 755 w/ Sprint and I can't get it to connect with the above settings. Can anyone help?
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    I'm rather fixated on the TomTom/Sprint Treo connectivity challenges and success, so I'd be happy to discuss your configuration. Despite continual connectivity obstacles, my traffic service still works perfectly, even with the latest firmware and map upgrades on the TomTom. (And as my traffic subscription will already expire Oct. 10, I'm presently trying to decide whether to splurge for the 740 Live).

    Send me an email to jeffrjo at aol, and we can get further in touch if you'd like and discuss from there.

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