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    My method is to hold the Centro in both hands, upside down, with the ringer switch toward me. I use both thumbs to push down and away on the back, right next to the Sprint logo. That seems to get the cover off without too much effort for me.

    To put the cover back on, I turn the Centro with the ringer switch away from me and press with both thumbs and the cover pops on.
    This is awesome--it totally works!

    DG2445 suggested using a Post-It under your thumbs to give traction. I don't always have a Post-It handy, but I always have the silicon skin my Centro usually wears. I just put the skin under my thumbs and it gives me super traction. The door comes on and off with no problem if you know these tricks!
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    Wow. Can't believe this thread is still going. Should be in an FAQ.
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    I agree, it should be a FAQ or a sticky. I came across it two nights ago when I was deparately trying to put the &^^%$# door back on in the middle of the night without waking my husband in the process (LOL).

    I found your tip and thread by referral from a forum at This is a common issue.
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    I haven't seen my fix so I will give it. The little clips that hold the cover on, broke the second day I had my phone. I took a business card and cut and folded it and put it under the cover. Now the cover is nice and tight, but slides off with some pressure very easily. doesn't come off and no creaking. Fortunately I don't have to remove the cover because I use Card Export and my phone doesn't lock up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BCVP View Post
    Wow, the post-it worked instantly! Now I have a new skin too!
    wow- this seriously works instantly! thanks!!
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