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    my sis had a 650 which was doing all kinds of funky **** so basically the tech ordered a refurb 755p is this better then me signing up for a 2 year agreement n payin for a centro? cause the 755p did jus also come out n has a nice big screen n stuff, what u all think?
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    What's up hotis300boy,well I just got the 755p and it rocks.The screen is big and very sharp(evn being a touch screen).And the 755p renders websites very well.You get all the pretty picture s and text.This website looks awesome for example.The overall speed of the device is very good(the 312 xscale is really fast).The internet speeds on EVDO are super fast.Depending on your coverage.But I've been flying on the internet since I've got the 755p.The keyboard is very easy to use(good spacing between keys).The only complaint I have is the battery life.But understand,I came from a BB 8700c.That thing would last 4 or 5 days on a single charge.So I'm alittle spoiled to say the least.But considering that,the battery life isn't that bad.Only when I compare it to a BB.At least in my experience.I had a chance to play with a Centro the other day.And while its a really sleek device(the onyx is sweet).It was just to small for my hands(keyboard is tiny and the screen is smaller).Now I'm sure that after a week or so I would get used to it.But I just liked the 755p much better.The Centro is the same on the inside for the most part(it also come with ptunes deluxe($40),and I believe,updated versions of versamail and blazer browser(not sure,so don't quote a very cool little device,key word being little.Its not razor or pearl little.But just to small for me to use everyday.I say stick with the 755p.I'm completely satisfied and I've only had it 3 days.But its been that solid of a device.Hope this helps.

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