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    I spoke with a Verizon wireless distributor & they have the VZW 755p listed as coming out soon. In fact, there is a $150 rebate for the 700p. There will be $50 rebate when the 755p comes out.
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    I thought Jen was wrong in her article here, but its coming. Its on my rebate form for my new q9m. But the form also lists the new motorola q9c (without camera) and a 50.00 rebate on the 650. Go figure.
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    My thread just got mentioned on!!

    There is a link to this thread where it states: "In addition to the EngadgetMobile report, several TreoCentral forum members have reported that the newest Verizon mail-in rebate forms indicate a $50 MIR for the unreleased 755p and a huge $150 MIR for the 700p"

    Click on "reported" on it will bring you right back to this thread!
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    Yep, was in the Verizon store yesterday and the Manger Geek said it would be in the store second week of November. I'm hoping to trade up without cost after just getting my 7th replacement three weeks ago.
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