Hello All,

I have Chatter with Gmail IMAP on a T680 on Tmo and the BB connect plan. Over the past few weeks my treo has been found to be turned off, after extended periods of time. Essentially after periods of time, when I'm surprised that I have not gotten a phone call/txt/email, and I look at my treo, it says OFF. When I turn it on, the modem selected is "Total Internet" (the one that is selected after a soft reset.) Obviously this is not a good thing, because while I love all the stuff that a treo can do, I need the phone first and foremost. It is increasing in frequency, i.e. if memory serves, it only happened once during my free trial of chatter, and in the previous weeks, has gone from once every 5 days, to 3 days, etc, to now pretty much every day.
Also, sometimes I have seen it happen in action, the red light will start to flash, the phone will say no service, (in a perfectly good service area) get a solid red light, and then reset......?

I appreciate any ideas you may have, and would love to get this figured out,



P S-If none of this makes sense, I'm sorry, I'm exhausted and will check in tomorrow, after I try to trouble shoot a Ptunes problem I'm having