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    I love my treo. I really do.
    But recently I stopped using it. It was working fine. Now I want to go back. So, I had to charge it, it worked fine. But I had to do a reset for whatever reason.

    So I am at step 3 out of 5. Where I touch the screen on the bottom right and upper left with the stylus.

    I do this. It seems to register. But I get a never ending PLEASE TRY AGAIN.

    I think the thing is registering the stylus, cuz I get the little click tone.

    But it wont go forward.

    I did a hard reset tonight, and am still there.

    Is my treo dead?

    Thank you.

    (It is a GSM Unlocked second hand one, I use Cellular One/Att)
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    I got this on my Sprint 600. It has something to do with the battery or power supply circuitry. I get out of it by leaving the charger plugged in and trying multiple times. Warning: some 3rd party or old OEM batteries exhibit this behavior. It could be that the digitizer is also failing - you could change the screen assembly.
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