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    Does anyone know if there is an application or a way to tell the Treo 680 which application should always start first when it is powered on? I would like to have the Palm always start up on the Beyond Contats Today Screen. Currently my palm starts with what ever application was used last.
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    AutoExec available at works on the 700 and other models.
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    AutoExec looks like a nice program. But, it looks like it only starts the program you have choosen on reset, not after a normal power off and power on.
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    You want it to change to another program every time you turn your Palm off? Every auto-off, every time you need to do anything you want it to launch a program? No, I seriously doubt you do.

    If this program is *that* important, assign it to a hard button and press that button to turn on the Palm.
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    You could try Event Launcher - that may fit your needs.
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    I use Jeff Gibson's power up app. Its cheap and handles a few functions like auto turn on of the radio after a reset along with selecting a start-up and power-up app.
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    Thank you for the suggestions of Event Launcher and Power Up. Both of those apps do what I want; and I am evaluating both now.

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