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    I have had the Treo 680 for about 2 weeks now, great phone, but I have 2 issues with it, and I REALLY hope there is a fix for it:

    SMS: when I send a text message, I have to sit there and stare at "sending" until the message is sent, for that period the phone is useless. Is there a way I can send and go do other things as the phone is sending the message?

    Browsing: I would like it if while a page is loading I could do other things, like go write some emails as it is loading a page.

    at the moment the SMS issue is my main issue, any help would be greatly appreciated
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    The 680's Palm OS is not a multitasking operating system, so no there is not a solution to your problems. The Linux based Palm OS due next year will solve that problem.
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    awesome, thanks for the reply and the info, can you give me a link that would give me more info on this Linux Palm OS, I heard about it but wanna know more, who is developing it? ACCESS or Palm?

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    how lond does it take to send an sms?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe View Post
    how lond does it take to send an sms?
    4 to 5 seconds, it's just the fact that I'm handcuffed for those few seconds
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    4 to 5 seconds is quite long to send an SMS. My Treo 680 usually does it in 2-3 seconds (double tap center button instead of pressing Send to save a second).
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