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    I have a rather used treo 600 which I am trying to get working properly. The internal speaker is having a very strange problem. First off the headset jack and speakerphone work fine. The internal speaker does NOT work unless you press a button which causes the speakerphone speaker to be used, then you get a short snipe of a sound from the internal speaker. I have tried the headset jack fixes and those did not help. Anyone have a suggestion?
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    This is a common problem for old 600s. Open it up and make sure the earpiece speaker connectors are clean and unbend them to make good contact. If you haven't done so, search for battery replacement in this forum for a DIY guide in opening your treo. Good luck.
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    I have already taken apart the Treo and made sure that the contacts were clean and conducting. This explanation would also not explain why the internal speaker works if the speakerphone is playing a sound as well.

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