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    Has anyone else experienced a battery drain yesterday and today? I went through a 100% battery in 2 hours and I only sent one text message. My battery usually lasts 3-4 days. Ive read that it migh thave somethign to do with a background connection to the network causing the drain. I havent installed any new apps or changed settings since the MR update in months. Does anyone know what is goign on or can you walk me through how to "Restore my data connection".
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    please help.. I dont understand what sprint is doing. the phone keeps connecting to teh network (the blue arrows) and draining the battery. I havent added any apps or changed any settings. It has to be sprint that is pushing something down. Even when I manualy disconnect the network it recconects itself in about 3 minutes and starts draining the phone. This is insane!!!!!
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    the tower near you is having problems. they'll fixit can report it, but that's a pain
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    Yeah, now this is pretty weird but yeah, my last two days has been just like yours. I started reading your post and I was like, "No fuggin way!" One phone call and my battery was toast. I even swapped out batteries at one point because I thought perhaps my other battery had gone bad. And then again battery was inexplicably drained and my Bluetooth, that I had just used a little while earlier, was somehow turned off when I jumped in my car this morning to go someplace.

    What the hell is goin' on here????


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