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    I was using Sunrise to retrieve some webpages daily, mainly news, for offline reading on a Treo 650.

    Now, planning to upgrade to Vista. Found out that Sunrise's conduit doesn't seem to work with Palm Desktop 6.2

    Switching to Sunrise XP doesn't seem to help - The conduit also doesn't seem to be installed properly. And that Sunrise XP doesn't support non-Western language, makes it not practical for my usage.

    Do you have any other suggestion? Is iSilo the way to go?

    Nice weekend to all.
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    Did you post the question over at the Sunrise forum at That's pretty much homebase for Sunrise help.

    Now, that said another option would be for you to set the destination of the Sunrise documents to a File on your PC and put them directly into your CARD install directory in:
    C:\Program Files\Palm\<userid>\CardInst\

    that should then sync the .pdb files that were created by Sunrise to the \\PALM\Launcher directory on your SD Card which Plucker watches and you would be able to open them.

    Of course, this would probably only work for scheduled Sunrise updates, the AutoSync updates would not work this way if the Sunrise Condiut isn't working.

    Please let us know if that works for you.
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    Thanks for your suggestion. Haven't tried it yet, though I think it shall work.

    Still, it's preferable to have the conduit working. But Sunrise and Sunrise XP aren't being developed anymore, as of writing.

    BTW, have anybody installed iSilo on top of Palm Desktop 6.2...?

    Just got another idea - Install Palm Desktop 4.x, install Sunrise. Then install Palm Desktop 6.2... Not much hope on this through...


    Thanks again!
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    Oh, I missed the fact that you were trying to use the old Java Sunrise, sorry.

    Yes, it is too bad that Laurens isn't updating either of the apps anymore. Seems that these days all we are left with are simple RSS readers that just are all just lacking something that Sunrise had or sloooooow web browsers like Blazer.
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    Given the current state of the Palm OS, it's understandable that developers are not keen to develop for it.


    For the browser, I'm looking forward to Universe. Though it's another matter then.

    Thanks for your suggestion again. I shall try again to find a solution later when I have time.

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