What's up everbody?Ok,this is my first post on this forum.I got my 755p just yesterday.And I am lovin it!I had a BB 8700c before my Treo.And the difference is amazing.This thing is stomping a mudhole in my BB!lol.But least get down to business.Ok,there are some websites that have a "Security Error"messege that pops up while its loading.And I was wondering if there was a way to adjust the firewall setting or just the general security settings on the device.I looked but couldn't find any.And did a search on the forum for the answer but didn't have any luck.But if someone did already answer this question,could you steer me there?I'm just trying to get my Treo...its weird saying that.lol.Its always been "My BB".Anyways,I'm to get it set up and ready for some abuse!I love new toys!lol.but I want to fully enjoy it.So if you could lend me some wisdom it would be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance.