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    My wife got a store to sell her a Centro early. I had a micro SD card and was able to get the card in easy enough. Now the directions say to push on the card to make it pop out. Well that thing is so little it is hard to get at. Anyone have any trick to getting that card out?

    If I leave it in what is the best way to get information on to the card? Is there a good application to use to move data back and forth from SD card to computer through the sync cable?

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    Don't have my Centro yet, but I wondered about this too. With my Palm TX, I take the card out to put in a reader at least once or twice a day, and was worried this would be more tedious on the Centro.

    As for leaving it in, do a search on (or another 3rd party app site) for Card Export or Card Reader. Both allow you to treat your palm as a USB reader when plugged into the sync cable. The Missing Sync also has an app that does this. I saw a post that said Card Reader wasn't working right now on the Centro though, so there may need to be some software updates to enable these apps to work on the new Centro.

    Problem I've run into so far is that the Palms I've used haven't used the faster variety of USB 2.0, so transfers aren't very fast. It would depend on how much you were transferring on a regular basis, but it was always much faster for me to pop my SD card out, and stick it into an external card reader.

    I'm hoping the Centro uses true USB 2.0 "High Speed", which would make using one of these apps viable instead of pulling the card out all the time.
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    Most MicroSD sockets work using the Push-Push method.

    You Push the SD in to lock it in. To remove it you Push In again and then it should pop out.

    A tip is to keep your finger on the SD when your removing it so it doesn't fly across the room.

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    I currently have a Samsung A920 which Im retiring for a Centro, and even with tiny fingers it was still a pain getting that thing in and out. I have to use what little nail I have (I keep em short) to push on the thing.
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    You can always put something on the card by using PalmOne Quick Install. This utility is installed onto your computer when you first install the Palm Desktop CD. Then just drag anything you want into the quick install box in the correct space for the card and then hotsync. Usually, if I need something off of the card, such as photos, I just email them to myself. That's really easy to do.
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    I cant get Card reader and Card Install to work with the Centro yet. They worked fine on my 700P. I cant get a card reader to read my Mini SD either. What a pain.
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    Ok I realized I was using Card Reader 1.6 and Upgraded to 1.7. All is good now. so Card Reader 1.7 does work. (1.6 does not).
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    Have you tested how fast the data transfer is with Card Reader 1.7 on the Centro? Is it USB 2.0 type speeds, or more like USB 1.1 speeds?

    I transfer a lot of audio and video files usually pretty often, and in the past attempts on a Palm TX with the various card reader apps, trying to transfer 400mb or so of data could take several minutes. In contrast, transferring the same data by removing the card and using an external USB 2.0 card reader would only take a minute or two, if that.

    How fast is the Centro's USB interface, in real world usage?
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    dang card is a pain and a half to get off. That being said, get the largest microSD card u can and don't take it out.
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    In the manual it states to remove the battery door to remove the microSD card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lnichols View Post
    In the manual it states to remove the battery door to remove the microSD card.
    That would be great if the dang door wasn't so slippery (I say this spittingly, because I do like the device, but those are two areas of the design that bug me).
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    First either leave the door open or cut a notch in it so you don't have to take off the battery door to open it (but make sure shards don't fall into the SD drive!)

    Second, use the **** end of the stylus to press the micro-SD card into place and to cause it to pop out.

    You can also use the ****-end of the stylus to lever out the battery.

    Never was the wrong end of a stylus so useful on a Palm device!

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