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    I'm on my 3rd 755P because of various problems. One thing all three had in common was noticeable lags. Never had them on my 650. Does the Centro lag?
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    I have been using our store demo for 2 days and I have thrown on a bunch of crap trying to break it and it has yet to reboot or lag unless the coverage drops out. Our tech room has crappy coverage so my slingplayer would stop streaming or hiccup a little every now again. It is so bad with my 700 I dont watch my box to much on it. I even set up my gmail account in versamail, set auto fetch and still no problems. We will see, it only been 2 days
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    ive had the 650 700p & i know what lag ur referring to. its sharp & crisp! i love the fact i can see it better in the daylite then the 755.

    i just switched from a razr2 & this phone fits in the same case!!!

    i am black & happy!!
    ohio state SUCKS!! & michigan state will never measure up!
    p.s. lakers SUCK too!! GO PISTONS!!
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    SO far 2 days with the Centro and no Lag or Resets. And I re-installed all my apps. And I had the long lag with my 700P so I am thrilled now.
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    I concur with the above posts -- my experience is this thing seems very solid with little lag. MUCH better versus my 700p, which was lag and reset hell.
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    So it sounds like the loooong lag isn't happening (which is great!) but what about the general "snappiness"? I went from a 650 to a 680 and while the 680 is much more stable, it's not nearly as quick and snappy. The 650 would change screens and follow commands pretty much as fast as my fingers could move. The 680 isn't painfully slow, but it's always a couple key presses behind if I get flying. Is the Centro as quick as the 650??
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    One thing I noticed is the speed of the centro. not sure what the difference is between my 700P and the Centro. Example on the 700P using Snapermail , when I recieved an email I would see it downloading and know who it was from. On the Centro it is so fast I cant read it. It downloads emails and surfs the web like a flash. Not sure if that is because the treo was sluggish or what. I love the speed.

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