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    I got my treo and installed the UP application but I can't set it as the default launcher. has anyone been able to do this? or is it something I can't do with UP?
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    here's what I'm experiencing. I go into UP and settings and enable application launching. it says "when I press the home button". but pressing the home button on the centro takes me to the palm application launcher. so then i tried "option+home" and that took me to UPs app launcher. so i can still get to it, but it's not the "default". I'm not sure i'm that worried about it. the app launcher doesn't seem to do anything i can't do with the palm app launcher.

    i guess it's similar to if you set it to "when i type start contact search" and you have to press "option+m" instead of just m to SMS
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    I put it on my 700, and I like the interface. It's just different. But I don't like how I have to add photo contacts. It should do it automatically from the built in contact list. I like the visual bookmarks for the web interface as well. I won't buy it though for my Centro when I get it. I'd want it to be more seamless before I spend money on it. I won't default launch on the 700 either.
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