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    I just ordered a crimson 680 from at&t so its not here yet. I lost my 2gb sd card for my 650, and i need to buy a new one. My question is what is the maximum supported on the 680? i know the 650 is 2gb, i think its 4gb? or no?

    I searched around here but couldn't find my answer so i may have missed a thread, thanks.

    sidenote: refurbished $450 treo for $80= FTW
    ATT Treo 680 Crimson
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    Ahh cool, i found it does support SDHC cards. So i will get a 4gb, i don't have the money but i think even a 8gb will work?

    Anything i should look forward to on the 680 other than the looks?
    ATT Treo 680 Crimson
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    Yeah i'm pretty sure a 8GB should be fine.
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