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    I have a parrot car kit installed in my car and it has always worked perfect. Well last week my 650 died so I bought a 680. I had no problems pairing them together, but I noticed sometimes they wont connect when I get in the car. I also noticed that when it dosen't connect the bluetooth logo on the phone isn't solid blue anymore, but it is white. The bluetooth settings on the phone are set to be "visible". Can someone please help, because this is driving me nuts
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    I'm with you. I have the same problem. There is no solution.
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    Actually I was having BT probs with my headset. I had updated the unit with all the patches and BT sucked compared to my 650. After getting fed up I did a HARD reset and have NOT installed the patches. Seems to be a diff BT driver (original vs the updated) as this works 100x better than before and even has a slightly diff BT icon showing connection.
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    I have a unbranded treo and no patch that affects bt and still have the problems. Canīt be a different bt driver.
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    I'm told that automobile blue tooth setups don't work well with "smartphones" such as the Treo. I use a 680 with a 04 Jaguar XJR which works fairly well. I have been able to get 23 number in to the Jag's bt memory (they come off the speed dial list). Earlier with a 650 (both Cingular/AT&T unlocked) had been working with the car and one day just suddenly stopped working. I tried all sorts of remedies including advice fm the carrier and Jaguar all to know avail.
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    I have similar longstanding issues with my 680 (unbranded from Palm running T-Mobile) and an 06 Acura TL. The pairing will always go through without issue. I know because every 3-4 months the pairing is completely lost. Deleting the phone from the TL and re-pairing it solves the problem. As for the white BT symbol, this is encountered about weekly or more frequently, but is solved in most instances by turning BT off and then back on. Finally, and most frustratingly, the receipt of calls when paired is solid, but making a call only works 1/2 the time. The only effective work around (for me) is to make the call, let BT fail, kill the call (hopefully before it is picked up on the other end) and then say "Redial" to the car and the call will go through on BT and stay connected. The only other important item no-one has mentioned is BT drops (in an 06 TL) after exactly 60 minutes. The call continues, but BT is dead and you have to restart it for the connection to be used again. I have checked multiple user forums and there is no known fix that I am aware of. Since this is the only limitation I have on a device I use between 12 and 15 hours daily, I live with it.
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    has anyone tried to copy the bluetooth files from the Treo 650 to use on the 680? I used to have the Treo 650 that had a lot of bluetooth issues but after a couple firmware updates, all the issues were resolved.
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    Have you checked the box in preferences / handsfree / always route calls to handsfree kit? When I uncheck the box I can make one call and then the connection is lost. With the box checked there are no problems...

    (I don't know if theses are the right terms, because I use the german language on my treo but you should find the box)
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    That box is checked. Problems remain as described.
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    I'm having very similar problems with the BTM60 from Dual Electronics. Some of the posted work arounds from other threads work --- but it's a poor state of affairs.
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    I was told by a Parrot distributor not to buy a Parrot for my Treo 680. He recommended Raytel Tellphone( or Motorola.
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    An update:

    I've found a method by which the 680 is working relatively well with my BTM60 (from Dual Electronics, with a XHD6425 head end).

    To get the device to pair, the secret seems to be delete the BTM60 from the Treo and then delete the Treo from the BTM60. The latter requires 'resetting' the BTM60 (you'll find that in the manual for the XHD6425 --- which controls everything about the BTM60. If you have a different head end, I assume it's the same).

    Then activate pairing. Pair, then immediately place a phone call. This last bit, placing the phone call, seems to be key --- it causes the treo to "connect" with the BTM60 right after pairing, which the BTM60 seems to require.

    Now... I have the "autoconnect" on --- meaning that the BTM60 will try to talk to the Treo whenever it's around. This seems to require that the Treo be "visible" (in your bluetooth settings). If the autoconnect fails, I go to the "trusted devices" screen, select the BTM60 and choose "menu->connect" there.

    I have a Diesel... and the radio is "on" for a few seconds while I wait for the glow plugs. I find that sometimes this short period of connectivity confuses things, so I often pop the face place before I start the truck --- then push it in after the truck is started. Autoconnect seems to work fine then.

    I have the Softick Audio Gateway driver. It works with the BTM60 and the XHD6425 (it may not work with all head ends). I can play music from pocket tunes and then answer a call and then go back to playing music. The XHD6425 only supports mp3 and wav (not ogg) ... so the bluetooth route allows me to play my ogg collection without re-encoding.

    This all appears to be "not perfect" ... but it works. Some of these tricks might work for your other devices.
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    In case it's not obvious, the XHD6425 is a car stereo and the BTM60 is an accessory that talks bluetooth for the purposes of phone calls and for stereo audio.
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    Make sure you update your parrot to the latest Parrot firmware.
    Sorry, I have no personal experience with the 680, but I sucessfully use Sprint 650, 700P and 755P with both Parrot ck-3300GPS and CK-3400GPS. Always pair from the Treo not the parrot. If you dont remember how you paired, delete the pairing from both your treo and the parrot, and then pair and add the parrot to your trusted devices list. Make sure you are visable/discoverable. Then go through the "handsfree setup" in the treo.

    hope this helps,
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    I'm having the same problem with an ' 07 Tundra. My Motorola L2 works perfectly and the Treo 680 finds the handsfree system but the truck keeps saying " searching" and never stops.
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    anyone use a Pioneer cd-btb100 or cd-btb200?

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