I've been a Palm user for a long time, and have used lots of third-party apps, etc in my day, but I've always avoided reading anything about Treos since I didn't have one. I'm considering getting a Centro to replace my TX and my cel, and finally converge down to one device.

I haven't decided for sure, since I kinda like that my simple phone "just works" and works simply (I don't use my cel phone very often). I use my palm a lot to listen to podcasts throughout my workday, and in the car.

I have some basic questions as to how the phone apps are integrated into the Treos (and the Centros for those who already have one):

-- How does the Palm handle getting a call when you are listening to Pocket Tunes? Does it auto-pause the player?

-- I use Softick Audio gateway and a Motorola Bluetooth headphone. Will this let me pause what I'm listening to, and take the phone call using the wireless headphones? (I know it is supposed to, just wondering how well it actually works.)

-- does the ringer off switch also work to toggle ringer vs. vibrate?

-- When you miss a call, when/how/where does the missed call log show up? I think I read that the Centro LED doesn't work for alerts, so I would assume you wouldn't know until you turned it back on. But, if it's off after a missed call, and instead of the power button I press a hardkey to open Pocket Tunes directly, would I miss the "missed call" message?

-- There are only 4 numbers I call 90% of the time, is there a simple way in the phone app (or a 3rd party one) to have a hard key pull up a short list of often used contacts? Similar to the simplicity with which I currently pick up my current flipphone, open it, and use the speed dial?

-- Does Sprint let you replace a current phone with a Treo without buying the "Vision" online package? I wouldn't really use the online features of the Centro enough to warrant the monthly fee, but wondered if Sprint forces you to have a data plan with smartphones.

Sorry for the load of newbie questions, but I know many of these I will not be able to test in the store.