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    I called for a replacement a few weeks ago on my 700p and they told me they were out of stock on new phones, so I'd end up with a refurb. When it came, the battery cover would not stay on the thing and the buttons didn't push in and click right. I called them back up and they sent me another - assuring me it'd be "new". I had a strange feeling when I hung up that they either just got new stock in or they will realize they don't have any and give me a 755. I had debated in the past a few times on whether or not I'd want a 755 and decided on "not", and this got me thinking about it again. I wondered how I'd feel when I opened the box if I did get a 755 and I just thought, oh well... I guess it should be fine.

    Well, it was for a couple of days. All of a sudden, one day - sending a pic message like I always do, the phone crashes and on reboot all the text messages were gone. NEVER had this happen with my 700p. When I began using minitones to get my custom rings in the phone I realized it behaved very differently from my 700p. Ones that imported and played fine before now would not. Yet, I could beam them to another 700p and they were fine. Ok, minor detail.

    I completely started from scratch again, thinking the things that happened and the frequent reboots were just a glitch. It was fine for a few days... then, I wake up to find the screen brightly lit screen that has been frozen since 4:15am - when I have Resco scheduled to do a backup. It just froze and stayed like that til I saw it a few hours later. Not good. Again, this has NEVER happened with my 700p. A couple of days later, being very uncomfortable I completely start from scratch with the phone again. It's seemingly fine for a couple of days and then acts up again. This morning I woke up to find Warden asking me to register. I'd had it registered since I installed it, and it was fine for a couple of days. So I go to Resco to do a restore, and Resco acts like it's the first time it's ever been run.

    I don't know. I used to not worry about my Treo at all - feeling myself to be one of the lucky ones. Heck, when I had the 700 I didn't even feel the need to perform the maintenance upgrade. Now with a new phone, I don't trust this thing at all. I have installed programs, setup, and used this thing identically to my 700p - and it doesn't like it.

    Anyone else regretting their "upgrade"?
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    The only issue at all I've had with the 755p is that I had to switch from SDHC to miniSDHC and rendered all of my old cards useless.
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    make sure the programs you are using are the latest version and support the 755.
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