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    Okay folks be gentle with my question, it has been asked before. I have two Sprint Treo 650's from when I was with Sprint. I recently transferred (ported) my number to verizon and got one of their free phones in the process, but I miss my PDA. Sprint has told me that the unlock code is usually the last four digits of my SS or sprint phone number and Verizon has said they will take the phone, but it must be unlocked.
    Here is my question:: From what I have read here you can not "unlock" a CDMA phone so what is VZW and Sprint talking about? Second if the unlock is possible how do I do it so that VZW can help me transfer the phone to them?


    I know it has only been a couple of days, but does any one have something to share about my question???:
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    Please help me as well. Long story short is that I am being forced to go with Verizon and I have two TREO 650's currently on the Sprint network, and I will not qualify for even for a free phone since I am taking over two Verizon accounts from a bad friend that left me hanging.

    I read some posts dated back in 2005 and assume that things may have changed a bit. I need to know how to do this as well, or I am going to have to fork out a bunch of more money.

    I have searched the Internet over and I am not getting a clear answer.

    Thanks so much for anybody that has the answer to this.

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    there is a hard way to do it but it includes customizing a data cable and dowloading a few programs. i've read about it before and its not just a application download or a software upgrade its whole different process. but after you've done all those you have to convince Verizon to activate the ESN from Sprint to a Verizon Network.
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    Thanks Amante, I am game to try the hard way!
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    So does anybody know the hard way?
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    Rollie or shunnell, I have been a long time sprint customer and still am, a couple days ago A good friend of mine gave me a 650 for Verizon, I am trying to find someone with a sprint 650 to switch with. The phone is in great conditioin it has a few scratchs on the back of th battery. However, from what I can tell it works great I have charged it and only wish I could activate it but I am not planning to switch to Verizon. I can send you pictures if you are interested. Let me stress the phone is not stolen and works great.
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    Folks, there is a company that puts out for bid on eBay $20 that will make this change for you. My Sprint contract ends in March, so I will use them at that time. A local company here in Orlando quoted me $45 and told me that they would have to ship it...probably to the same company I am only they get their $25 cut.

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