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    I can confirm that the latest release of BackupMan works flawlessly on the Centro. I've done a couple of hard reset recoveries (to do things like get rid of Sprint e-mail after I had set it up, and to resolve an issue I had with Audible). I should mention that while I had an issue with Audible it was my own fault. I was trying to store it on the memory card (via ZLauncher). Audible doesn't like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekyMom View Post
    On my unit, Backupman was not compatible. (I was using 1.52b5 Version of Backup Man from my Treo 650)
    Backupman 2.3 is working fine here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by haphazard View Post
    Backupman 2.3 is working fine here.
    Cool, I was using the old version.
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    KeyClick Hack 1.0.4 (enabled using YAHM 2.3.6) resets my Centro immediately when the sync cable is plugged in... it's not necessary to actually initiate a hotsync. Fortunately version 1.0.2, which is still easily found, seems to work flawlessly (but lacks the configurability of the newer release).

    Absolutely nothing is reported via ##ERR, so I have no idea of the specific problem.
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    To add to the list, Novii Remote doesn't work either.
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    Centro + xWeather users,
    if you are having problems with the 5-way navigator not behaving properly, ..please download the latest xWeather (version 1.1.1) and this should fix the problem.
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