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    this question is relating to treo 680 but im not getting answere on 680 formu so im going to try it here

    im trying to help a good friend of mine with her phone
    im a 700p user and she has 680...

    she is syncing her treo with two computers and on her work comp in the palm desktop somehow she has two usernames, both of them are the same names but one begins with a upper case letter and the other with lower case....
    she has lots of calendar events under the upper case username but every time she tries to sync her phone it goes to the lower case automatically
    she tried to delete the lower case user name but when sync is being attempted it asks her to create a new username and it will not sync with the upper case username
    the lower case username was most likely created by accident and is not needed...
    she is able to sync her home comp w/o any problems but all her calendar info are on the work comp and cant get it on the phone
    any suggestions?
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    I had a similar problem once with my Visor Prism and my Kyocera 7135. Each one had a differnt user name, but I wanted them to share games. The games were all registered to one name.

    There's a software out there, and I don't remember the name of it, but it allows you to switch user name on palm OS. I'm sure someone will be along with the name soon, sorry for not being more help, but there is something out there. It was so long ago I just don't remember, but maybe try a search on one of the sites with all the software, like palmgear.
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    any more suggestions? im stuck with this problem
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    Apparently, the hotsync name of the treo is the one with the lower case username. There is 3rd party software to change the hotsync name of the treo , but I can't think of it. You can change the current hotsync name with a hard reset. Do a hotsync or SD backup (NVBackup - free). Go to PalmDesktop and delete the unwanted hotsync name. Hard reset the treo then hotsync using the correct hotsync name (you should only have one at this point since you've deleted the other one). You should be good to go. The SD backup should not be fully restored - use the backup set to selectively restore apps or data you lost after the hotsync. Good luck.
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