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    Hi, I purchased a ringtone from sprints website using my PC. A text message was sent to my Treo 755p, but when I click on the link to download the ringtone, I get a blazer error message that says "download failed"

    Has anyone had the same problem, or been able to download ringtones?


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    I downloaded Sugarland's "Settlin" mp3 and Keith Urban's "Better Life" mp3 from the Sprint ringtone site and the text message process proceeded without a hitch on both . . . . . .

    Soft reset and try again?

    How much free memory do you have?

    Have you tried clearing your cache?
    Blazer>Menu>Options>Preferences>Advanced>Clear Cache
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    why would you pay for ringtones?
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    Quote Originally Posted by milez View Post
    why would you pay for ringtones?
    One was free.

    Do you have a method of adding free ringtones to the system available list that does not require using 3rd party ringtone managers to select or invoke?

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