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    Got a 680 all installed. Have a Tungsten C ditto. Desktop is the 4.2 versh, has two users identified. After much messing around, I got the 680 to hotsynch yesterday via bluetooth, but I had mistakenly renamed the Tungsten files and lost contact with their contents. So I did a system restore back to when I hadn't done the re-name, re-ran the 680 files, and all looks good when I eyeball the desktop(s). I even copies the datebook and contacts info from the Tungsten desktop to the 680s.

    Now I want to hotsynch, to get all that good stuff onto the 680 itself. However ... the 680 sees/talks to bluetooth & vice versa, tries to connect with the PC, but reports "the connection ... could not be established". All is on COM7, as it was yesterday.

    So then I switched desktop & hotsynch identities to that which the C uses, tried to hotsynch the C. Same result. Tried it again. Bingo! Synchronized, correct user ID and all.

    Switched back. Same result: "the connection ... could not be established". Same after a soft reset, too. Clearly I'm missing something.
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    Might it be possible that by having identified - on Palm Desktop - the 680 as "Treo" (and the Tungsten by my name) is the problem? What does the Treo or the Desktop look for to identify the device to the software?
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    Solved. Got a USB connector. Will figure out bluetooth some other time.

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