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    How is everyone getting the SERO/755p deal? I am considering switching from Verizon to Sprint. I went on the SERO and it asks for an 'Employee's EMail'.
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    So put in an employee email address. Or, better yet, use the forum search function. And remember kids, Google is your friend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by undo12 View Post
    Here is one 755p deal I used, you can try
    Thanks for the link!
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    I urge you to be very cautious when signing up with a SERO plan - if you also try getting a deal like that Amazon link you could end up disappointed.

    I've steered many into the SERO plan and they work very well. However, the "fine print" on SERO as well as those deals at Amazon and elsewhere is that you need to buy the phone and plan at the same place.

    Although some have found complex methods in order to scam around it, essentially the phone at Amazon is $80 because you have to buy the plan from THEM (not SERO). Look a little deeper before signing up, as you may find yourself not qualifying for the rebate, and/or receiving a chargeback for not signing up for the plan you had agreed to. SERO wants something around $200+ for a new Treo, the potential hassles and financial risk of trying to "beat the system" here isn't worth it to me.

    Whichever way you choose - be sure to add insurance afterward. SERO doesn't (at least didn't) offer it as an option when you sign up.
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    Your best bet is to purchase the phone from Sprint and use all rebates you can find (you can use the Amazon rebates still I believe.

    BTW, are they still running the offer? Last time I checked it expired. was one e-mail

    EDIT: Sorry, I found out works fine
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