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    I bought my sister a 755p and I'm not that familiar with the palm OS. I've been configuring it for the past couple days and learning as quickly as I can.

    I've downloaded resco file explorer as I didn't know of any other file explorers available. Unfortunately there's a 15 day trial. Does anyone know of a free file explorer or is it not as necessary to use a file explorer on the Palm Os? I'm used to Windows Mobile and file explorer is built into the device as it's an essential program in my opinion.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!
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    Up till now I've been doing pretty well without one. It is not essential for many users. I use my phone a LOT harder than many people. If you have a pc to sync to, and your sister is doing basic stuff, there is no need.
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    Wildcatter is right - you may do more harm than good.
    I really just use FileZ to make sure a program or file or whatever is really and truly no longer on the phone. But if you delete something you shouldn't have (which is possible with FileZ) you may create a problem.
    While you may be comfortable with FileZ will your sister possibly harm the 755 if she goes messing around with it, is a question.
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    I would download fileZ so that you can use it if you need. If you're concerned with you sister accidently accessing it and doing some harm, then just leave the prc on you laptop/pc what ever you hotsync to and only load it on the Treo when you need it then delete it from the Treo. You can always load it back from your laptop/pc the next time you need it.
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    yeah I would be very carefull since explorer programs can do a lot more harm than good if you don't know what your doing. Especially if you new to it. I use resco explorer and its great for my needs but I don't use it to delete (ive had to do to many restores from deleting something I didn't think I needed anymore) I mainly use it when downloading anything from blazer and copying and pasting it where I want.. I can move my files around with ease using explorer.

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