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    Quote Originally Posted by porkozone View Post
    When I go to the SERO site and try to set it up with a Centro, it appears it is setting me up with the Vision plan, not the Power Vision plan...if I choose the Centro first the only plans are the regular plans, not the power vision options, and if I choose thplan first, and select power vision, the only phone that comes up as available under those plans is a Blackberry.

    I believe I've read other reports of people getting set up (not necessarily with SERO) under the Vision instead of Power Vision, as if their systems think the Centro is not a power vision phone.

    Anyone have any insight on this? Once I sign up, how would I know if I had Power Vision or Vision?
    I notice this as well, guess we'll have to call Sprint once we get our phones and have them switch the data. I dread making that phone call.
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    I bought a Centro from the SERO site, and I got it today. My receipt says Vision, but I definitely have high-speed data service.
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    My *understanding* (keyword) is that if you have a data plan and your phone has EVDO, then it will connect to EVDO if available -- regardless of whether or not you have Vision or Power Vision.
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    If I do it, I'm thinking of getting a Tracfone from Target and the minimum prepay amount of minutes I can. They say you can port the numbers to them, but it says if I do it will automatically cancel my Sprint account...does anyone know if that's the case? Will Sprint try to call me first to confirm?

    Also, I wonder if there is a length of time necessary to keep a number with Tracfone (or whoever) before moving it a second time?
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    Yeah I called Sprint, the rep said when you port out the number, your account get automatically terminated, which means they will bill you $200 automatically if you contract is not over yet.

    My account still has a whole year to go. It's probably cheaper for me to buy the phone out right and sell the 700p.
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    I'm out of contract, so that's not an issue here. However, it scares me a little to cancel my existing contract (with 8-10yr history) until I have everything set up with the SERO accounts...but I guess I'll just jump in with both feet. From what I read on the SERO site, I can't sign up a new SERO line on my existing account anyway...but I wonder, if I cancel my 10year long account with them, and then sign up under a new account, would they still see the full length of time I've been a Sprint customer when pulling up my name (in case I ever needed that for leverage in the future)?

    I currently have a family plan, with a phone for my wife and I on it. I'm fine changing numbers, but can't lose my wife's number. I plan to get two SERO lines for us, along with a new Centro for me and whatever type phone my wife wants.

    Here's my plan of action. Let me know if there's something that's going to not work:

    1. Set up a new SERO account via the website, and order two phones with two 500 min plans on it.
    2. Get the phones and make sure they work.
    3. Buy a Tracfone at Target and activate it and port my wife's number to that. This would cancel my existing family plan with Sprint (I wonder if that'll happen since I would still have a second number on the plan)
    4. Transfer the number back to the new SERO line for my wife from the Tracfone.
    5. Rejoice with my new Centro and an awesome phone plan!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwf42 View Post
    I went into Sprint Store yesterday and bought a Centro, $432.99, ouch! I had asked repeatedly is I was eligible for any rebates/discounts. I upgraded in Feb to a 700 only to have it stolen form my car a month ago. First off is there anyway I should be able to get a discount?
    Read this thread to get some insight about getting a credit/discount on your Centro:

    People do seem to be getting about $150 credits, as I previously suggested...
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    FYI - My phone runs on EVDO as evidenced by 200K speeds and blue arrows. Should EVDO be faster? It said I was provisioned for Power Vision after it was done with the setup.
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    I just logged in to My Sprint and I see that I was given the Sprint Basic 200 plan. WTF? I have confirmation emails showing SERO. I guess a phone call is in order.

    Update (Liveblog of my first phonecall to Sprint)
    First rep can't change to SERO, transfer to second rep.
    Second rep finds my number but it doesn't match the name.
    Account number has no active plans, or it still pending setup.
    I'm also told i'll lose this number, the one they just emailed me, ok, no big deal.
    I tell her I have been confirmed for SERO. She knows what it is, and says it will take a few minutes.
    On hold......
    She has no idea whats going on, has to call me back, wonderful.
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    Ahh, the wonderful customer "service" at Sprint.
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    BladeZ, were you a brand new Sprint customer, or were you an existing customer signing up for a new line via SERO, or converting an existing account to SERO?
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    Brand new... Anyway, never got a call back, and refreshing my account page this morning still shows Basic 200. The journey begins! I'll call when I get to work and see how it goes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeZ View Post
    Brand new... Anyway, never got a call back, and refreshing my account page this morning still shows Basic 200. The journey begins! I'll call when I get to work and see how it goes.
    I think you are better off emailing them, and make sure to include the original email. The reason being a lot of Sprint L1 reps has no access to certain type of accounts, SERO accounts for example. I used to work for a cable company. It's like that for most of the customer service places.
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    My problem, after HOURS of phone calls, comes from the fact that this phone and number belong to someone else. If I can't prove anything on THEIR account, then I have to go to a store, return the phone and start all over. Mind you this is the number they emailed me, and is also on the brand new Centro box and works when I use it. Go Sprint! I'm not dealing with this anymore until I can get to a store that accepts web returns.
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    With the SERO plan, how can I connect my phone to my laptop to give it internet aka tethering?
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    My plan:
    family fair and flexible family plan.
    line expires DEC 29
    line expires OCT29

    both of this year.

    So I called last night and the first rep was pretty much an A-Hole. I asked about the SERO plans and he says its ONLY for employees. I told him I was looking at the damn web site and it stated it was an employee referral program..he studders a bit and finally just tells me to do it online.

    I call the SERO number on the sero web page and spoke to a very friendly rep that wasnt able to switch my plan, but offered some great advice on how to go about. Pretty much said the same thing a lot of you have said before...Be persistant, and if you have too call retentions.

    So I wasnt able to get anything done yesterday, but I tried the email this morning..otherwise Ill call again(perhaps earlier than last night)

    What I want is to cancel my current contracts early (renew early) as two new seperate Sero Accounts. Any advice from someone who already did this?
    Or maybe I should wait till the 29th of this month and see how much more leverage I have then.

    Man, Im itching to get that phone. Finally "touched" it yesterday in the store...........*drooling*

    By the way, phone is really smaller than you expect. Keyboard TINY..but workable
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    We need to remember the 80/20 rule.

    When applied to customer support this translates to "build a system that supports 80% of the customer base as completely as possible; remaining 20% get passed to a second set of support options."

    Then the the 80/20 rule is applied to the second set of support options as well, and so on until everyone is supported.

    The Sero plan is a corporate account, so it automatically falls into the first 20%. Sero is also an internal account so it falls into the second 20% as well. Or put another way, Sero issues are less that 4% of the total call valume. No support system is built to handle the lowest 4% of issues with ease. That's just the way it is.

    Besides, how many of us actually know someone who works at Sprint anyway?

    Don't call *2 for Sero service and start with the lowest level CSR, instead call Sprint's Business Customer Service line at 888-788-4727. Regular *2 CSRs should be transferring you here anyway. The business account CSRs have the access rights to modify your Sero plan and have been able to handle all my Sero questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeZ View Post
    Brand new... Anyway, never got a call back, and refreshing my account page this morning still shows Basic 200. The journey begins! I'll call when I get to work and see how it goes.
    Your online account page will not say "Sero" on it. Mine says "Sprint Fair and Flexible Plan" and lists as a feature "$30 Minimum Monthly Charge".

    Call the business line I mentioned above to talk to a CSR, if they say it's a Sero then you should be fine.

    Don't forget to ask about unlimited text messaging if you don't already have it. It was one of the features up till 9-30.
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    Spent 90 minutes plus in the store. Even though they couldn't do it, they wanted to help me. They got through to a CSR on the phone that was able to activate on SERO and swapped out my bad ESN and PH# for new ones. I'm exhausted from dealing with Sprint all day...
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    Tonight I added a SERO line to my account that currently has a retentions plan that is under contract for another 17 months. After all of my discounts, the SERO plan costs me about $5 per month less. I'm giving up 250 minutes (which I don't need anyways) but gaining unlimited texts, as compared to the 500 which I have (and I sometimes go a few dollars over). I weighed all of my options and decided it just made more sense to get the phone for $100 instead of $400 and go with the new plan, even though I have to get a new number and pay the $200 ETF. Getting a new number really doesn't bother me since it's a quick email to my address book or text to the entire contacts list to update everyone. And the $5 per month savings covers most of the ETF.

    However, now I'm thinking I might be able to get someone to take over my contract to avoid the ETF fee. What do you guys think the chances of that are? Here's my plan, which can be sweetened with employer or credit union discounts if they apply to whomever takes over the plan. I currently have two separate discounts off of the $40 base rate.

    $40 per month
    750 anytime minutes
    All minutes include long distance
    500 text messages
    Unlimited high-speed data (Power Vision)
    Unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7 pm
    Free PCS to PCS minutes
    Free digital roaming (you can use Verizon's towers)
    Three Way Calling
    Additional Anytime Minutes $.40 Per Min.
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