I am wondering if anyone has successfully sync'd their Versamail with Apple Mail?

I have tried using the queuesoft app with out any success. Here is what my sync log says...
Sync starting at 10/10/07 8:17 PM (20:17:02) on USB (5.1.2)
AppleMail 2.0.1
    Mac OS X SysSccript (0) 
    Mail.app version=(2.1.1)
    Mail.app is Tiger edition.
    HotSync USER = (My Treo)
    Selected Palm application(VersaMail v3.1)
All MultiMail Messages record=(196)
    idx=(1) versaMailAccountNo=(1)
Sync result err=(0)
  Palm MultiMail Messages Outbox Count=(0)
  Send (0)
end action
Clear EmailIDandRecIDArray
OK AppleMail
Sync completed successfully at 10/10/07 8:17 PM (20:17:07)
Anyone have any input?